Ambient pop-music band
from Phoenix, Arizona -  USA

About Us

Our Story

Eye Talk is a recording and live performance group fronted by singer-songwriter Alan Clark.   Alan is the lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and performs other various instruments in the studio. Alan’s brother, Bob Clark, also provides lead vocals, songwriting, drum programming, and bass guitar to the mix. Originally from San Jose, CA then moved to Phoenix, AZ, they have released five cds and have made several live appearances.
To hear all of their collections; visit iTunes, Cd Baby or other online retailers.

What Inspires Us

Themes of the songs are about self-reflection, hope, and life experiences. 

Trying to make sense of things beyond our control, overcoming adversity and inspiring others.     

Our Influences

Our music blends ambient and lush textures with bass, acoustic guitars, with pleasant vocal melodies.  We draw inspiration from: Roxy Music to Duran Duran and Cheap Trick to new  country acts.